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Wish List Items

  • Water Tubs

  • Feed Tubs

  • Safe-T-Post Caps 25 ct.

  • Studded T-Post

  • 16 qt. Hanging Feeders

  • 8-Gallon Round Feeders

  • Tough Guy Auto Waterer

  • Duramate Automatic Waterer

  • Water Trough Floats

  • Metal Corral Panels 5' & 12'

For large items, please contact Nadia Lane to arrange delivery. Smaller items, can be shipped directly via USPS to P.O. Box 941, Weldon, CA 93283.

We will accept any used items as well, such as tack, helmets (no cracks), water troughs, plastic feed tubs, T-posts (not bent) and metal corral panels, etc. Please provide a cell phone photo via text so your donation can be evaluated.

"Ahhh . . . nothing like a nice hoof soak."

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