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Volunteers are very important to us and to the success of our Wild Horse Program.

All levels of experience are welcome at the ranch and we appreciate every participant with the care of our horses.  

For detailed information regarding the Volunteer program, contact Nadia Lane at HSWHS.

  • Feeding and Watering the Mustangs, Burros and the Other Rescued Animals on the Ranch,

  • Moving Corral Panels,

  • Scrubbing Feed Tubs and Water Troughs,

  • Mending Fences,

  • Cleaning Corrals.

  • Work or Hiking Boots (No Flip Flops or Sandals),

  • Old Blue Jeans, or Similar-Type Long Pants (No Shorts),

  • Work Shirt,

  • Baseball Cap or Cowboy Hat,

  • Sunglasses,

  • Sunscreen,

  • Bug Spray,

  • Certified Equine Helmet,

  • Leather Work Gloves,

  • Bottled Water (Alcoholic Beverages Not Permitted),

  • Snack or Bagged Lunch.

  • Reschedule Your Visit if you have a Cold, Flu, Fever, Sore or a Rash; Let's Protect the Ponies,

  • No Smoking at the Sanctuary.

16 years of age and under? Wheelchair access? Click here for answers: 

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